Physical Education


Mrs. Miller

Mr. Sloate

Welcome to Northeast Middle School Physical Education. Your child will be participating in 45 physical education classes throughout the school year. Our main emphasis will be on fitness, and improving your child's fitness level through a variety of activities. An important goal for your child is to reach the health level or higher on their CT State Fitness testing. The testing includes push-ups, partial curl-ups, sit & reach, and an aerobic endurance test (either the mile run or the beep test).

Student expectations

Be Safe

- Follow class safety rules in the gym, locker room, and outside

- Keep hands and feet to yourself

- Follow directions at all times

Be Responsible

- Change clothes for every class (shorts, t-shirt, sweat pants, wind pants, etc.) All students are expected to participate in class, even if unprepared.

- Be on time

Be Productive

- Stay on task

- Work to the best of your ability

- Actively participate

- Come to class willing to learn and with a good attitude

Be Respectful

- Speak appropriately to teachers and class mates

- Respect classmates individual differences

- Respect the space and property of others

All medical excuses must come from a doctor, a note from a parent will not excuse you completely from class; students must change into PE clothes if there is not a Dr.'s note.

Students who follow the rules, behave appropriately, try their best, and have a good attitude will be successful in Physical Education classes. Please look on the back for our grading rubric for participation. This rubric will be used daily in class. Points will be added up at the end of the trimester.

Thank you for your support! Together we can make happy healthy children.

Physical Education Rubric

Daily Grading

Possible Daily Points


5 pts




6 pts

* Little or no activity in physical skills or warm-ups

* Off task

* Excessive socializing

* Shows no improvement in physical skills or fitness



7 pts

* Contributes little to team play

* Shows no improvement in physical skills or fitness

* Numerous “excuses” as to why they can't work hard

* Demonstrates poor attitude



8 pts

* Exerts good effort:

If teacher is watching

If good at activity

If with friends

* Minimal improvement in physical skills or fitness

* Demonstrates cooperative effort

* Requires prompting to put forth acceptable level of effort



9 pts

* Effort is fairly consistent

* Shows good improvement in physical skills or fitness

* On task most of the time

* Moves to engage in game play



10 pts

* Gives top effort 100% of the time

* Hustles at all times

* Utilized time very efficiently to pursue challenging goals

* Noticeable improvement in physical skills or fitness

* Exhibits leadership


  • demonstrator in class
  • Contributes in class discussions
  • Helps with equipment
  • Outstanding Sportsmanship
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